How to Buy a Timeshare

Three easy steps to buying timeshares with confidence

Why Buy on iVacAsia

iVacAsia provides timeshare buyers with a convenient way to explore destinations and timeshares for sale.

Step 1

Find Your Dream Resort 

IVacAsia's hosts thousands of timeshare listings throughout the world. You can browse our site to find the perfect resort for you based on location, size, property type and amenities. You can compare listings and make offers to owners through iVacAsia's site or have one of our service agents assist you personally.


Step 2

Make an Offer

You can message the seller through iVacAsia's site to ask any questions you might have about the listing before you submit an offer. You message will be sent instantly, and we encourage our owners to respond within 24 hours or less.

If you're interested in comparing several listings, your personal service agent can assist you in providing answers to any questions you may have in evaluating those listings. You'll have the information you need to make a fair, competitive and successful offer.

A Seller may choose to accept, reject, or suggest a counter offer. When a seller responds, you be immediately notified. IVacAsia takes your personal information seriously, so we will never share it with other users or third parties. Your personal contact information is kept private until the Seller has accepted your offer.

Step 3

Complete the Closing Process

Once an offer has been accepted, your iVacAsia service agent will contact you with instructions on the closing process, which involves the legal transfer of ownership from seller to buyer.


Find Your Dream Vacation Home

Luxury, family-style accommodations with 5-star resort amenities in prime locations throughout the world can be yours.


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