Why Buy A Timeshare

Why Buy a Timeshare on the Secondary Market?

The overall satisfaction level worldwide with timeshare owners is nearly 85%. Unfortunately, life circumstances change and hundreds of thousands of timeshare owners can no longer use them, creating opportunities for both sellers and buyers. Trying to find a reliable organization to facilitate the sale of these properties can be difficult and extremely time-consuming, especially in Asia. Until now....

iVacAsia is the biggest, most active online marketplace for timeshareresales in Asia. Owners post their timeshares for sale here and connect directly with travelers looking to buy or rent. No middleman, no outrageous upfront fees with empty promises of "instant" sales and satisfaction.

Units for sale in the timeshare secondary market are typically priced 35-60% below the original developer or resort price, allowing iVacAsia customers to enjoy the same benefits and privileges without hard-sell, high-pressure, or the other negative characteristics associated with typical timeshare purchases. Timeshare resales give you all the diversity and variety of vacation ownership at a fraction of the original price.

Why Is It So Much Cheaper?

A timeshare developer has to pay sales, marketing, promotional, and administrative costs, which can inflate the price 100% or more. The secondary market does not have these costs.

Timeshare ownership makes sense on so many levels for smart-money consumers who wish to enjoy a lifetime of high value vacations. Buying a resale has all the benefits, but at amazing cost reductions.

Timeshare Resales by Owner Advertised on iVacAsia

An increasing number of sellers have either already gotten their vacation value out of their ownership commitment or need to liquidate ownership for changing life conditions. Regardless of their motivation to sell, you as a prospective resale buyerare positioned to get remarkable savings. Today'stimeshare owners have options that weren't available in the past. High-speed internet has made online timeshare resales the simplest and most reliable way to buy and sell timeshare points, weeks, vacation club memberships, and fractional ownerships.

In the past, the absence of a strong secondary market option created a backlog of owners looking for a reliable resale outlet. Many of timeshare's first buyers have now reached the age where they no longer travel, thereby creating a timeshare resale market ripe with competitive options for resale consumers.

To buy your timeshare, you'll want to choose a resale company with experience in online marketing. iVacAsia.com is the first online timeshare advertising company to use search engine optimization as an exclusive marketing strategy in Asia. We put proprietary technology and leading edge marketing strategies to work, making iVacAsia the "go-to" source to attract interested buyers and motivated sellers.

Simply put: We are industry professionals who care about buyers, sellers and renters, as well as the integrity of the resale marketplace. We are here to serve you!

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